1. The sponsor of the challenge is the City of Johannesburg.
  2. Partnering with the City of Johannesburg is the University of the Witwatersrand's Joburg Centre for Software Engineering (JCSE) and Esri South Africa.
  3. Only individuals aged 30 or under the age of 30 and residing within the borders of the City of Johannesburg (“entrants”), may submit a proposal for a product or service to the challenge.
  4. Entrants may submit more than one proposal, but only one proposal may be selected as a first, second or third prize winner, if it is submitted by the same entrant;
  5. No proposals may be submitted after the closing date of the challenge;
  6. Only the entrant will be allowed to attend training provided as part of the challenge;
  7. The entrant warrants that the content of the proposal was created by him/her and that he/she is not aware of any third party intellectual property which would prevent him/her from commercialising the product or service disclosed therein in Johannesburg.  Should it become apparent that the entrant will be unable to commercialise the product or service in Johannesburg within a reasonable period after receiving a prize as a result of an interdict, injunction, or any other order having a similar effect on the ground of an intellectual property claim which the entrant was aware of at the time of entering the challenge, the entrant will be disqualified ab initio and will repay any prize money received to the sponsor.
  8. The sponsor will, contingent on agreed commercial terms, have a license to use the product or service after the challenge.
  9. Any entrant under the age of 18 years must be fully assisted by his/her legal guardian, who must give consent for the entrant to take possession of the prize.
  10. Employees of the sponsor and partners, their associated companies, suppliers, advertising and promotional agencies and their immediate families are not entitled to enter the challenge.
  11. Any proposals received after the closing date, as it is published on the website, will not be considered.
  12. An evaluation panel will be appointed to consider all successfully submitted proposals and recommend to it the top 50 proposals to proceed to the next round.
  13. The evaluation panel will evaluate the Top 10 and recommend the winners.
  14. The recommendations of the evaluation panel are final.
  15. The prizes will be:
    • First prize: a cash prize of R150 000;
    • Second prize: a cash prize of R100 000; and
    • Third prize: a cash prize of R50 000.
  16. The GeoJozi Challenge is governed by a joint City of Johannesburg – University of the Witwatersrand (JCSE) and GIS Steering Committee. Its decisions are final and binding.
  17. Subject to clause 20 below, all members of the Steering Committee and evaluation panel and all entrants taking part in the training and playoffs will sign a non-disclosure agreement with the JCSE to ensure the preservation of the confidentiality of the proposals. Proposals submitted by entrants will be deemed to be done in strict confidentiality.
  18. Entrants will be responsible for all costs incurred to enter and participate in the challenge. The challenge, the organizers, partners, members of the committees and the project manager will not be responsible or liable for any costs incurred by entrants as part of this challenge.
  19. The City of Johannesburg and its partners will in no way be bound to procure any products and/or services from an entrant or winner. Any procurement contract entered into will be at the sole discretion of the Steering Committee and the City of Johannesburg management.
  20. The sponsor and its partners reserve the right to use the content of the proposals or images of the winner or staff for publicity purposes in any manner they deem fit, without any remuneration being made payable to the entrant or winner. 
  21. Entrants will be required to provide proof of age and residence. Entrants who provide incorrect information will be disqualified. 
  22. The evaluation panel, through the Steering Committee, may withhold the prizes based on poor quality of submissions.


  1. The entrant confirms that, as far as he/she is aware, that he/she has has the right to exploit the product or service disclosed in the proposal and that there are no intellectual property claims pending against the entrant which may prevent him/her from commercialising the product or service in Johannesburg.
  2. The entrant indemnifies the GeoJozi Challenge, the City of Johannesburg, its partners JCSE, ESRI and any other partner not mentioned in this disclaimer, against any third party claims relating misappropriation or infringement, or contributory infringement of third party intellectual property.
  3. Should any third party claim be brought against the GeoJozi Challenge, the City of Johannesburg or its partners and it is apparent that the entrant misrepresented or mislead the challenge with regard to any intellectual property claims against the entrant, the challenge will have the discretion to disqualify the entrant ab initio and reclaim any prize money paid to the entrant.
  4. No obligation lies with GeoJozi Challenge, the City of Johannesburg, its partners JCSE, ESRI and any other partner not mentioned in this disclaimer to verify or validate the authenticity of entrants’ proposal.